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Transfer Students

Ready to make your move to Charleston Southern University? Voted one of America's Best Christian Colleges, CSU has more than 48 undergraduate degree programs. Let's get started!

Transfer Admission Requirements

  • Must have completed 24 transferable hours
  • Must have earned a minimum GPA of a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale in these transferable hours
  • Must have courses equivalent to Math 111 and English 111 included in transferable hours

Note: If these requirements are not met, CSU will request high school transcripts and scores to determine admission and placement.

Transfer Student FAQ

How do I apply for admission to CSU? I am currently enrolled at another institution. When should I apply for admission? How do I know which classes will transfer to CSU? What is the maximum number of credits I can transfer to CSU?  Is on-campus housing available for transfers? Will I need to take any placement tests? Get answers to all these questions and more on our Transfer Student FAQ page.

Financial Aid

Charleston Southern University, voted one of America's Best College Buys, costs less than average private universities in the South - and way less than average private universities nationwide. When you factor in state and federal aid, scholarships for academics, athletics, Christian ministry and music and campus-based part-time jobs, endowed scholarships, student and parent loans and payment plans (many you can't get at a public university), CSU is a very affordable option. Our financial aid specialists will work with you - one-on-one - and help you make it happen. Get started here.



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